Your vote is critically important in this election. In addition to the presidential election (I support Joe Biden and Oakland Native Kamala Harris) there are some crucial statewide propositions and Oakland measures. Here are my recommendations on a few of the key races:

School Board Director District 3: I recommend myself, Maiya Edgerly, and Maximo Santana as your three choices on the ranked choice ballot. All three of us share a vision for OUSD that looks forward to putting Oakland’s children on a path to a brighter future.

YES on Prop 15. This proposition closes the corporate loophole in the 1970’s Prop 13 and restore some fairness in our property tax laws. Corporations will be paying a fair share of taxes and those dollars will go to support communities and schools. OUSD will get a decent stream of new revenue from the passage of Prop 15.

YES on Prop 16. This restores the best part of affirmative action, and in the case of OUSD this will give us a legal path for making sure black and brown students are treated equitably. It may also support the district in hiring and retaining more black and brown teachers, which is critical to the educational outcomes for children in the district.

YES on Measure Y. Many of our school facilities are crumbling, and are not up to earthquake safety standards. Measure Y will provide resources to make sure our buildings are safe and inviting. Show the children of Oakland some love and give them the kind of school buildings that are conducive to learning!

YES on Measure QQ. This initiative provides high school students in Oakland with the opportunity to vote in School Board elections. I believe the students of the city should have a voice in selecting the board.