MLK, Jr. Elementary

The STEAM driven program is helping produce positive gains in literacy at MLK Jr. Elementary

I visited Martin Luther King, Jr. elementary school this morning. Principal Roma Groves-Waters showed me around the campus and shared some of the challenges she’s faced during her 11 years at the school. As we walked And talked she greeted students by name, and cheered them on to their classrooms. There are about 400 students on the campus, which has successfully completed a merge with the former Lafayette Elementary. Classrooms are full. Among the classrooms we visited was a PreK/kindergarten class led by a woman who has been an educator for 54 years. The community relations administrator George Henderson told me that some students in the school are children of students who attended the school in years past. You can’t miss the good vibrations. There’s a large garden in the northwest corner of the campus, and the walls of the buildings are decorated with cheerful images and art.

OUSD could use this school as a model for other neighborhood schools. When I’m on the school board we will be looking here for inspiration.