Down to the wire

We’re getting close to Election Day. In years past it was possible to vote early or choose a mail in ballot and send it back to the Alameda County Registrar’s office in advance of Election Day. But I don’t think we’ve ever seen the kind of early voting response that we’re seeing this year. When I checked this morning, over 14,000 of the 28,000 voters in Oakland District 3 who voted in the last two general elections have already voted. And at least 3,000 more voters who didn’t vote in November of 2016 and 2018 have also voted this year. (Yep, over 17,000 ballots have already been cast in District 3.)

That still leaves thousands of votes still up for grabs, and it’s important to keep reaching out to voters with a message of hope and change. Here’s an excerpt of the message I’m sending to voters today:

Our schools are confronting a crisis. Overall, only 1 in 3 students are reading at grade level in Oakland’s public schools. In some schools just 1 in 5 students are at grade level. Reading is a singular foundational skill that every student needs to master, and our school district is failing our children at an alarming rate. Today I am joining with other candidates for school board to lift up the need to address this crisis. We urgently need policies and curriculum that assure every child in this city will be reading at grade level by they time they reach 3rd grade.

School board candidates supporting the #LiteracyAndJusticeForAll campaign are:

  • District 3 – Maiya Edgerly & Mark Hurty
  • District 5 – Leroy Gaines & Jorge Lerma
  • District 7 – Dr. Cliff Thompson

Please join us in to confront this injustice by casting your first and second choice votes for Maiya Edgerly and me in District 3.

Despite the challenges, there is hope that we can make the changes that will put Oakland’s children on a path to a brighter future. I am grateful for your continued support!

Here’s a video I shared recently with a group of teachers in Oakland. It’s posted on Vimeo and you should feel free to share it with your contacts here in District 3 in Oakland.

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